Installation Guide of Sinbiota Microsoft Prototype

2. Download SinBiota Project

Save a Putty session

  • Open Putty and enter the following data:
    • In the “Session” category:
      • Host name: (fileserver)
      • Port: 22
    • In the “Connection > Data” category:
      • Auto-login username: svn user
  • After logging into "fileserver", right-click the Putty window title bar, and then select "Change Settings ...";
  • In the configuration window, put the name "fileserver" in "Saved Sessions". Click "Save" and "Apply".

Create an SSH key

This step is required for TortoiseSVN not asking the password repeatedly.
  • Log into your account and run the command below. Enter a "passphrase" when requested. This command will create two files, "mykey" and "":
ssh-keygen -b 1024 -t dsa -f mykey
  • Create a new directory ".ssh" (do not forget the dot):
mkdir .ssh
  • Move the public key file (named “”) to the directory ".ssh", and then rename it to "authorized_keys":
mv .ssh/authorized_keys
  • Download the private key (named "mykey") onto your own computer. You can either create an FTP connection to your home directory, or you could simply copy-and-paste it from the server (do "cat mykey") to a new text file on your own computer — it's only a few lines of text.
  • After you have the "mykey" file on your own computer, you should delete it from the server; only the public key file (now called "authorized_keys") needs to be there.

Convert the private key using Puttygen

  • Start the Puttygen program, (puttygen.exe) and choose the "Load" option. Select the file "mykey" and enter a "passphrase" when Puttygen ask you for it.
  • In Puttygen, after import the key, click "Save private key" and save the file "mykey.ppk." Keep in mind where it was saved.
  • Go on Putty, select the session "fileserver" and click "Load". After loading the session, go to the category "SSH -> Auth" and add the key "mykey.ppk" in "Private key file for authentication". Return to the category "Session" and click "Save”.
  • Test if you can connect to the server using only the key and passphrase, without having to enter the password for SSH.

Add the private key to Pageant

Pageant is a Putty program that unlocks your SSH key whenever another program (such as Tortoise SVN) needs it, without forcing you to type the key password over and over again
* Open Pageant (pageant.exe), which will start running in the background. Right-click on the icon that Pageant adds to your Windows toolbar, then choose "Add Key" to add the "my-key.ppk" key file. When prompted enter your passphrase for the key.
  • Once you have done this, Pageant will silently provide your passphrase in the background whenever needed. You will need to make sure Pageant is loaded each time you restart your computer.

Download the project via TortoiseSVN

  • Go to the folder where you will download the project. Right-click on the folder and choose "SVN Checkout ...". In the "URL of repository" enter the link below, and then click "OK" to download the project:

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