Sinbiota 2.0 prototype Installation



  • Memory: 2 GB (minimum requirement for Windows 7 64-bit);
  • HD: 40 GB (minimum requirement for Win7 64b is 20GB, but to install the other programs, you need a little more space).


  • Operational System: Windows 7 (not tested in other Windows versions).

1. Install Programs

Service Pack

  • Version:
    • Service Pack 1 or a higher version: Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2:
    • Service Pack 2 or a higher version: Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008
  • How to install: via Windows Update:
    1. Select Start Menu > All Programs > Windows Update;
    2. In Windows Update, click on the "Important updates are available" link. If the Service Pack is not listed in these updates, check if it is already installed (next step). If it is not installed, you need to update Windows beforehand;
    3. To check if the Service Pack is already installed, click the Start button, right-click Computer, and then click Properties. Check if "Service Pack 1" (or 2) is listed next to "Windows Edition".
  • More information:


  • How to install:


  • How to install:

Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable

  • Version: 64-bits
  • How to install:

SQL Server Express

  • Version: use the latest version, 2012, with option "SQL Server Express with Tools" (64-bit), which comes with the very useful SQL Server Management Studio.
  • How to install:
    1. Click on the “Download SQL Server 2012 Express” link on:
    2. Select "SQL Server Express with Tools";
    3. Select "Express with Tools" in "64-Bit English Download" (approx. 670MB).

Visual Studio Express

  • Version: preferably 2010 version.
  • How to install:
    1. Select "Visual Studio 2010 Express All-in-One ISO" (approx. 694mb):
    2. To emulate and to install ".iso" files, install Daemon Tools Lite:
    3. Open Daemon Tools Lite;
    4. In Daemon Tools Lite, click on "Add Image". Select the file "VS2010Express1.iso" previously downloaded;
    5. In Daemon Tools Lite, select the image "VS2010Express1.iso" and click on "Mount".
    6. After mounting, run the Visual Studio installation CD.
    7. Select “Visual Web Developer 2010 Express”.
    8. Repeat the steps for "Visual Basic 2010 Express".

Windows SDK

  • How to install:

Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

  • How to install:
    1. Install:
    2. After installing, open "Visual Web Developer 2010 Express" and select Tools > Settings > Expert Settings.
  • More information: Do not install SP1 for Microsoft Visual Studio before Windows SDK, otherwise you may get the problem reported in:

Tortoise SVN

  • Version: latest version, 1.7.10.
  • How to install: select the 64-bit version:


  • How to install: in recent Windows versions, it is already in the system, then just enable it as follows:
    1. Select “Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off”;
    2. In the list opened, select the item "Internet Information Services" and click "Ok".
    3. After enabling, open the browser and test the address "localhost".

Postgres + PostGIS

  • Version: download the latest version of postgresql for Windows on the official website.
  • How to install: Set 'postgres' as password for the administrator user 'postgres'. When you finish the installation, it runs the "Stack Builder", where you can add plugins. Select PostGIS 2.0 in the list (category "Spatial Extensions") and install it. During some step of installation, you need to set password as 'postgres'.

Java JRE

  • Version: download the latest version on the official website. The 32-bit version is required, even on a 64-bit machine, due to GeoServer 2.1.4.
  • How to install:


  • Version: Download GeoServer 2.1.4 for Windows
  • How to install: For now just download the file, the installation will be done in the configuration step of Geoserver, due to some dependencies.

2. Download the SinBiota 2.0 prototype Project

Download the project from CodePlex, via TortoiseSVN

  • Go to the directory to where you want to download the project. Right-click the directory and choose the option "SVN Checkout...". In the "URL of repository" field, input the following address and then click "OK" to download the project:


Geoserver data directory

  1. Download Sinbiota project from CodePlex, via TortoiseSVN (see above)
  2. In the downloaded project directory, go to the lib/db_install directory, where there's a file called "". Unzip the directory "data_dir" in a adequate place.

Install Geoserver

  1. Download the GeoServer Windows 2.1.4 installer from
  2. During the setup, use the default configurations, except for:
    • Geoserver Data Directory: choose "existing data directory" and point to the data directory previously extracted. If the Geoserver is being reinstalled, it is necessary to remove the directory and unzip it again.
    • Port: 8123
    • Type of installation: the default is "run manually", but it is better to choose "install as a service".
  3. After the installation, the Geoserver should be available in http://localhost:8123/geoserver, and can be accessed with:
    • Username: admin
    • Password: 8wU$t6za
  4. Login using the credentials above. The main page should show the following information, indicating that the data was restored correctly:
4 Layers
1 Stores
1 Workspaces

Configuring Sinbiota 2.0 prototype to point to the Geoserver

  1. With the Geoserver running, access http://localhost:8123/geoserver/gwc/service/wmts?REQUEST=getcapabilities.
  2. Save the file named "wmts.php" where Sinbiota is running, on the path D:\www\sinbiota\app\Resources\
  3. Restart IIS and the layers should be available in the Sinbiota Atlas:
    • Access http://localhost/sinbiota, with login "root" and password "rootpass". Click on "Atlas 2.0". It should be possible to load the layers.

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