Sinbiota 2.0 prototype Administration

November 2012

This document contains instructions to support administrative tasks of the Sinbiota 2.0 prototype.

To perform administrative tasks, the user must have a system administrator role (permission). Only an administrator can assign the administrative role to another user.

Through the Administration menu, it is possible to access the administrative functions of the system, linked to the entities listed below:
  • Taxonomy
  • Project
  • User
  • Conservation Unit
  • Depositary Institution
  • Drainage Basin
  • Ecosystem
  • Habitat
  • Institution
  • Keyword
  • MicroHabitat
  • Publication
  • Municipality
  • Log
  • Occurrence Spatial DB
With the exception of Taxonomy, Log, and Occurrence Spatial DB, it is possible to list every entry in the system, with the "List All" button, and also insert new entries, using the "Insert" button. For Taxonomy and Log, only "List All" function is available, and, for Occurrence Spatial DB, it is possible to "Reset and Include all occurrences".

The options available for each entity (item) in the Administration menu will be detailed below. Depending on the item, a subset of the following functions will be available, through icons: Edit, See Details, and Remove. Every time an edit is made, the system will process the changes only after a click on the "Save" button.


In this system, a project is a research project with at least one coordinator, and one or more regular members.

The "List All" option in projects will show all projects in the system. On the left side of each project there are icons for editing and seeing the details. Above the project list there is a field that allows a search on project titles, and possibly filter the results to show only "Ongoing" or "Finished" projects.

Use the "Insert" option to add new projects. The system shows a form with fields to be filled with the new project's information. The required fields are: Name, Start Date, End Date, and Abstract.

The system does require different titles for different projects. The inclusion of coordinators and members of the project must be done after the inclusion of the project, in the User administration menu (edit option).


In this system, a user is a person that can participate in zero or more projects. In each project she participates, she can be a coordinator or a regular user.

The "List All" option shows login, email, blocked status (whether the user is blocked or not, values "yes" or "no"), last login (date) and group (administrator, coordinator, or regular user). On the left side of each user there are options for editing and seeing details, and above the list there is a field to search for a user.

When the "Insert" option is chosen in the User administration menu, the system shows a form with the fields login, name and email. The login and email fields must be unique in the system. When the "Register" button is clicked, the system sends an email to the new user containing a unique URL that allows her to register an access password and conclude the insertion process. Role designation and participation in projects is effected through the edit user menu item.

While editing a user, the login field may not be altered, but name and email may. It is also possible to block a user, marking the "Blocked" field. Blocked users cannot log into the system, but otherwise remain in the system for archival reasons. The administrator may also choose the user's "Group", and also include the user in a project.

To include a user in a project, choose a project from the project list and then choose one of the red buttons "Add as Coordinator" or "Add as Member", assigning the role of coordinator or regular member to this user in this project, respectively.

Conservation Unit

On "List All", along with the options of edit, see details, and search for a given unit, there is an option to remove a Conservation Unit. The system asks for user confirmation before definitely removing the entry.

The "Insert" option leads to a form with fields for name, category, WCMC ID, sphere, creation year, all of them required.

Depositary Institution

On "List All" there are available only the functions to search a Depositary Institution and see details (besides each listing). The "Registers" field in the institution list refers to the number of occurrences related to the institution (listed when the see details option is chosen). To "Insert" a Depositary Institution, it suffices to provide its name.


In the Institution menu, the options to search, edit, see details and remove are available on "List All". In the form shown by the "Insert" option, it is required to provide name and address of the Institution.


On "List All", the system shows the list of registered methods, and the functions to search, edit, see details and remove. In the form shown by the "Insert" option, there are fields to inform name and details of the method, but only the first is required.


For the publications the options to search, edit, see details and remove are also available on "List All". The "Insert" form has the fields title, journal, number, and abstract. Only the title is required.


The municipality list shown by "List All" has the options to search, edit, see details and remove, like the preceding entities. However, there is a filter to search by state. The "Insert" form requires the fields name, state and drainage basin.

Drainage Basin, Ecosystem, Habitat, Keyword, MicroHabitat

To each of these five entities there are the functions to search, edit, see details and remove, in the "List All" option. The "Insert" form requires only the name of the entity to be registered in the system.

Final Considerations

Entities like keyword, method, publication, and institution are not included exclusively by administrators. They might be inserted by regular users in the occurrence insertion.

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